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Image Converter Plus is the quick and easy way to convert your image files
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23 January 2015

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ImageConverter Plus is the most ideal and convenient tool for all your image conversion needs.
As its name suggests this accurate tool for all your image conversion needs is enhanced with the latest technology and capability for conversions of graphic files, photos, drafts, finance documents and other images. This tool makes an ideal solution for home based tasks and also for business enterprises. The tool is supported with batch-process technology that can convert multiple image files at a time and right-click conversion option too. The wide variety of graphic files converted can be saved in jpg, .tif, psd, pdf, eps and png formats. The tool also supports script-based approach to conversions which proves a good alternative for manual adjustment of program settings. This ultimate image conversion tool gives you professional results.
The tool supports most popular graphic formats and can also handle well the conversions of TIFF format.

Publisher's description

For people who're serious about working with digital images, there'sreally only one software solution to consider when it comes to image conversion: Image Converter Plus. The unique blend of speed, reliability and ease of use offered by ImageConverter Plus makes it the best image conversion software in the industry.
Got a large batch of images that need to be converted all at once? Instead of requiring you to perform tedious and time-consuming conversions for each individual image, as some other image editing products do, ImageConverter Plus takes the pain and wasted time out of image conversion with a batch conversion feature that can dramatically speed up your work.
Working with image formats that most image editing software doesn't support? ImageConverter Plus has you covered, with support for more than 260 different formats.
It doesn't matter whether you're a professional or just someone who loves to work with graphics as a hobby; ImageConverter Plus is the right tool to help you. That's because ImageConverter Plus is the only image conversion software on the market that's both powerful enough to be used by a professional and simple enough to be used by anyone.
ImageConverter Plus is a product of fCoder Ltd., a trusted name in the field of image conversion software. We've been developing ImageConverter Plus for over 15 years now, providing updates and improvements on a regularly scheduled basis. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best solution possible, and it shows in our final product.
ImageConverter Plus is a Windows software product, with support for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. The software is also available in English and a variety of other languages. In addition to converting images, Image Converter Plus can also offer you other helpful image editing features, such as advanced resizing and image sharing.
ImageConverter Plus
ImageConverter Plus
Version 9.0.755
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I attempted to buy Image Converter Plus, and this company took my payment but would not deliver the activation code. Even after several emails they refused to contact me. I am out $29 with no software.
Buyer beware: I would not recommend purchasing ICP. There are plenty of other vendors of conversion software out there.
Since my job involves graphics editing this software really helps me in image conversion. I appreciate the fact that I can work with thousands of files at the same time; that I can resize them with ease and set all the parameters myself. There are image effects available. No matter that the converter can perform very complex tasks, it`s really easy to use and is worth the money. It is much better than other programs available.
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